Distributors 4.0


Our company has developed intelligent vending machines for the dispensing of personal safety and protection devices.

These distributors differ from traditional distributors in that efforts have been made to improve their efficiency and artificial intelligence as much as possible.

The key factor of these improvements is the connection to the internet, thanks to which the machine can communicate in real time a series of parameters: from the operating state to the products sold and much more.

The presence of numerous sensors in the distributor, thanks to which several factors can be detected such as:

– the temperature inside the machine in order to determine whether the necessary requirements have been met.

– any malfunction in the delivery of the product, in order to understand when it is necessary to go to a specific distributor to identify and fix the problem.

The management of the whole system is based on the use of our Smart Bin Access product supported by biometric RFID, which ensures the withdrawal 24 hours a day and the enabling of it according to the task.

All these technologies, together with many others, are able to transform in radical way the experience of interaction with the vending machine, improving it substantially on all fronts, for the benefit of both the consumer and the retailer who chooses to use it in his distribution strategy.

This system allows the sale of products at any time, avoiding access to shops and shopping malls ensuring the contact between the customer and the clerk.

At a time when COVID-19 is so problematic, it is an extremely important factor.

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