Smart Bin Access

Receive accurate measurements with our IOT device in your product pickup cabinet or smart waste bin. Identify containers using rfid labels to simplify container monitoring, customer communication and billing and prevent unauthorized use of containers.

Durable device with gps and long-life battery

  • Accurate measurement of the filling level
  • Suitable for any place and weather condition
  • Wide operating temperature range from -35 ( C to + 85 ( C
  • Battery life up to 10 years
  • Capable of measuring the temperature
  • Equipped with an accelerometer to monitor the movement of the bin
  • GPS locator to ensure the correct position of the case
Do you have to hand out any products in the closet?​

The system can also do this. It’s been done to secure the withdrawal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and enable it according to the task.

Control of stock items

Collection of goods with date, time and user registration. It is possible to analyze and verify consumption and plan supplies. Users can take material from cabinets/chests and store it in an authorized manner.

IP67 and GSM, LTE, NB-loT, LoRaWAN

The device is rugged and uses wireless Iot networks, which make it possible to transfer data to very limited networks.



Access only to authorised personnel

Workers will be able to enter/leave companies and take material from cabinets and store it in an authorized manner.

Remote management from any location with report

The system provides full management via the web with on-site load plan configuration and provides a reportistica of the stock of articles, management absences, hours, shifts and holidays.

Alarm management and alerts also via EMAIL/SMS.

The system is notified via email/sms and provides for the setting of overrun warnings and/or withdrawal blocks.

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