Smart Bin Access

Monitoring of bins for filling measurement and access management to prevent unauthorized use.

Durable device with gps and long-life battery

  • Accurate measurement of the filling level
  • Suitable for any place and weather condition
  • Wide operating temperature range from -35 ( C to + 85 ( C
  • Battery life up to 10 years
  • Capable of measuring the temperature
  • Equipped with an accelerometer to monitor the movement of the bin
  • GPS locator to ensure the correct position of the case

IP65, GSM, LTE, NB-loT and LoRaWAN
The device is robust and uses wireless IoT networks, which make it possible to transfer data in very limited networks.

Management of alarms and alerts also via EMAIL / SMS.
The system warns you via email and on the cloud of alerts when limits have been exceeded and / or accesses. 


Access only to authorized users
Users will be able to use the bins only by presenting their card.

Remote management from any location with reports
The system provides complete management via web with on-site loading plan configuration and provides a report of all the activities that have taken place in the bin itself.

AX2 – Access control and filling measurement

This product model allows users to access the bins by reading an RFID card.

The product consists of two devices. One outside the box powered by battery with an autonomy of a few years and recharged with a small solar panel. The second inside the bin that allows you to constantly monitor the level of filling of the bin and to set a customized threshold of “bin almost full alert”. The system connects to the Cloud to send data which can then be imported from the company management system.

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