Automated delivery systems 4.0

Automated delivery systems for picking items, access control for doors, cupboards, waste bins, pedestrian access

SmartBinAccess 300-W

System with barcode / RFID Card / biometric Detects 100.000 users/ articles with touch screen display – Picking items and access control for doors, cupboards, waste bins, pedestrian access


  • barcode reader / RFID Card / biometric
  • Ethernet/Wifi connection
  • Touch screen display
  • Up to 100.000 users/articles
  • Web Site Smart bin access Studio included ( articles/attendance reports )
  • Picking items/door openers/cabinets according to job.
  • Pick/Drop registrations with date, time and user.

SmartBinAccess is a multifunction automated delivery product ideal for material dispensing machines, access control for doors, wardrobes, waste bins, pedestrian access with touch display or simple numeric keypad. The system can authorize the removal of the goods from wardrobes / boxes based on the task and only to authorized personnel and thus manage the storage of the goods contained in the closet in total safety.

SmartBinAccess can also fulfill the simple task of stamping digital tags with biometric access control (with fingerprints), RFID technology, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

For example, workers, by fingerprinting their index finger, will be able to mark entrances and exits from the workplace, or alternatively, using the supplied RFID badge or personal password.

The tag stamp is supplied with the WEB software for managing articles as well as employee hours, thanks to which it is possible to check employee schedules, delays, absences and transfers, through a few steps.

The system was created to provide legal validity with probative value for the presence of articles / personnel. Certified by the creators of the world's first FAW forensic browser and the first FAS app.

SmartBinAccess is covered by a 24 month warranty, with the possibility of extension to 36 or 60 months.

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