Intelligent access control system


Our Smart Bin Access product has been integrated with a vision system of the company Zautomation “IOTAR Targa” in order to design an intelligent solution aimed at controlling vehicle access.
With “IOTAR Targa” we were able to automatically recognize the number plate of both cars and trucks and verify through a database the plates enabled at the entrance and exit.

The system automatically manages all the decisive stages of the vehicle entry or:

1. acquisition of vehicle image (iotar plate),
2. management of the list of vehicles (iotar number plate),
3. access decisions (iotar plaque),
4. Custom logic management for example times etc. (smart bin access),
5. barrier control (smart bin access).

Here is how to:

• A vehicle enters a detection zone
• The camera captures an image of the plate
• Camera sends image to port control device
• The door control device controls the list of vehicles and entry rules
• Door control device sends decision to barrier
• The barrier performs the opening/closing

Entry decisions can only be based on the verification of the registration plate together with other factors such as: day, hour, credentials such as license plates, access cards, etc.

The system supports hundreds of thousands of event log entries that include miniature image plates for easy future investigations.

The system can send an email notification, record videos on the Secure Digital card and transmit video, for example when unauthorized vehicles are detected.

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